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Turn it Up

The primary goal of Breaking Bias is to inspire new thoughts and dialogue by sharing our open conversations on all types of diversity related topics.

Burn it Up!

The show host engages guests from various professions and backgrounds worldwide as they share their own journey and life mission. Everyone has a backstory; we explore the impact personal experience and bias has on everyday life for each individual guest.

Get Engaged and Rebuild Something Better

We ignite conversations that fuel change, understanding, and inclusivity. We are committed to providing a platform where diverse voices can share their stories, experiences, and perspectives, creating a powerful tapestry of knowledge, empathy, and growth. Through thoughtful discussions, we challenge biases, break down barriers, and foster a community that celebrates the richness of diversity in all its forms.

Don't forget to check your bias and keep the conversations going!

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True Xennial. I don't fit neatly into your box so you can kindly keep it. Small town girl from the Northeast who loves all the things you wouldn't expect ; )

What People are Saying

Leo_the_lion, 12/24/2020

Little Fires Everywhere!

Amazing and important work! They bring me close to the fires but I don’t get burned. I enjoy the open and authentic conversation about their experiences. What makes this palatable to me is not that they are dancing around topics. It is because they are always speaking from their own experiences which makes me feel like they would be open to hear mine without judgement. I can’t wait to hear more! I subscribed!

WhisperingWaterfall, 12/21/2020

A Bright Light

These ladies are amazing and are shining a bright light in the darkness that 2020 has tried to cast. Subscribe and listen to what they say. You won’t regret it!

Joliet Jake B., 09/23/2020

On Fire!

These ladies are on fire. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

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